The online casinos today have better paybacks than slot games at real casinos.

This is because there are numerous online casinos today and their only chance at retaining their customers and converting them into regulars is to have attractive payouts. Thousands of casinos are competing for your money so it is these online casinos which offer their players the best payouts.

Now, the best payouts differ for each kind of game. While some games guarantee a payout, for others the chances could be infinitely small. But at the same time, where chances are lower, the payouts are better. Firstly, a player must know what kind of game he or she is looking to win at. If it’s a lottery kind of slot game you are interested in, the best payouts are the ones at the progressive jackpot a lot games. The only downside of progressive slots is that the chances to win are quite less but then gambling is all about luck. The payout for these games is far more attractive than others.

The slot machine can give you a massive jackpot, one that every slot player dreams about. Unlike ordinary slot games, these don’t offer you a small win and target is on the big jackpot. These are for players who don’t want to play one or two coins but for those who believe in ‘max coins’ or ‘max credit’. Many players across the globe are linked to the slot game, which is why it is called “progressive” and every time a new player joins in, the slots go higher. Find a good progressive slot that has been doubled many times over and take your chances! These slot games have the dream payouts for those who want nothing less than a startling price.

However, if you want a chance at a more realistic win and good paybacks then your best shot is the flat top slots. These games have a set jackpot and a higher probability to win it as well. A progressive slot game can probably give you a better payout but with flat top slots there is a better chance at winning. These slot games are ideal for those who really want payouts. These have realistic results so are probably a better options for regular slot players. However, if your dream is to hit that multi-million jackpot, these flat tops are not for you and you must take your chances with progressive slot games.

A few very popular games are Flea Market, Big Cash Win and Milk the Cash Cow. They have jackpots of upto 20,000 coins, which is a reasonable amount especially since there are more chances of winning it.

Rival Gaming slot games also have good slot payouts. These include the i-slots which are entertaining as well as offer a good payout. For more competent players, i-slots prove to be the best option. Not only does it give you a big win, it is far more engaging and requires a person to use his or her skills which adds a whole new dimension to the slot game.