CryptoLogic is a top and the oldest provider of internet slot machines.

125x125.142slotsplusLaunched in 1996, CryptoLogic was the first company to venture into online slot games and today is a very popular name. When you think of Cryptologic slots, the first thought that comes to mind is of the Marvel superheroes slots. All 15 of these games bring the legend of these super heroes back to life for the fans.

An iconic Cryptologic slot game is The Amazing Spider-man with the real background work done to perfection. Even the symbols are included – Spiderman, The Venom as well as Mary Jane.  The animations are excellent and the bonus game is especially great.

Cryptologic slots truly showed their uniqueness with Casual Game series. Bejeweled has proven to be a simple yet very popular game. All of their expertise and innovativeness is well reflected in the Paramount jackpot slot games. The latest in the branded slots series, these are based on Hollywood movies so everyone can enjoy them.

The styles and the background closely resemble the movie sets and during bonus games or winning combinations, clips from the movie are played. One of the most popular is the slot game from Braveheart as the outdoor settings and war visuals make for a very exciting game. Another very famous game is Forrest Gump, completely based on the very famous movie.

It is however, important to know that all Cryptologic slots are not branded ones. The traditional slot game which has also become a landmark for CryptoLogic is Millionaires Club. To keep this slot as popular as it always was, Cryptologic has had to upgrade it repeatedly and today there are three such slot games. The highlight is that all three are linked for the biggest progressive jackpot by CryptoLogic which has even paid 6 million dollars once.

All Cryptologic slots can be played at online casinos which are powered by Cryptologic. Many such casinos are famous today and are trusted by players from across the globe. These online casinos really know what players are searching for and ensure that there is a large choice available when it comes to slot machines.

The major allure of online casinos is that a player doesn’t have to even leave the comfort of his or her own home. And Cryptologic slots keep the games interesting.

Cryptologic has introduced many new Cryptologic slot games for its loyal fans recently. The popular ones among these are Green Lantern, Cash N cover and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Paramount movies. Based on the DC comic books, The Green Lantern is an exciting game for all the superhero fans. Similarly, the Irish theme in the 100 payline Cash N Cover slot game make sit equally popular among those who really enjoy the symbols associated with Ireland.

Based on the popular Hollywood movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Paramount Movies is based on the classic movie which has many fans going crazy once more. Players can find all these Cryptologic games at any of the online casinos of their choice.