A short tour on the internet would introduce a player to more than thousand online slots. Each slot is unique as it is equipped with its own set of features. Also, the prize money offered by each of the slot varies. The last few years have seen a drastic rise in the number of players indulging in playing online slots. Playing slot games online is preferred by many as it gives them an opportunity to play from any corner of the world and at anytime of day and night.

As years have passed by, online slots have developed into amazing gaming devices that have the ability to entertain and engage players. However, not all slots possess very good quality. Hence, a player should ideally do good amount of research before opting for an online slot. With thousands of such slots already on the web and many more emerging every single day, finding popular online slots could well turn out to be a challenge for many.

Theme Based Slots

In order to bring in new dimensions to slot machines, designers all over the world have been trying new concepts. Out of all, theme based online slots have gained maximum amount of popularity. Most of these themes are inspired by superheroes and other famous characters from movies and novels. Infact, Marvel comic book characters seem to be making waves in theme based online slots.

People often connect with their favorite movie character instantly. They look forward to engage in activities that revolve around these characters. Most of the popular online slots on the web are theme based. One of the prime reasons is because theme based slots have a storyline. Hence, playing these slots is even more entertaining. It is actually like being a part of the story. For instance – a player can choose for a super man slot machine. Here, the player would come across challenges that superman would face during the storyline. Such games attract young people as they get a chance to portray their favorite superhero in a game. The game also gives them an opportunity to not only compete, but win as well. Cleopatra is known as one of the most popular online slot games ever. The character of Cleopatra in the slot game is way different compared to the same in the movies. A sense of comic touch has been added to the character.

Another very popular online slot machine game is Tomb Raider. Microgaming is responsible for designing this game. Microgaming is known to be one of the best gaming companies in the world. The game stars the very popular Lara Craft. The players get to experience all the dangerous adventurous that Lara Craft would go through Tomb Raider. The game is known for some of the most realistic graphics.

Progressive slot games are also known to be extremely popular on the web. This is mainly because this type of slot game would offer huge winning amounts, usually going upto three million dollars or even more in some cases.